Machine & Manual Stretch Films. Proud to be using 60% less plastic per pallet.

Products: Machine & Manual Stretch Films. Proud to be using 60% less plastic per pallet.

Stretch Films for Machine & Manual Application

Fiber Film MANUAL


Fiber Film - The User-Friendly Stretch Film

  • A 60% reduction in the volume of plastic used

  • A 40% cost saving.

  • Zero breaks per roll during the wrapping process 

  • Minimise your cost per pallet - Maximise your pallet stability

Fiber Film Manual is specifically designed for manual applications as to make the pallet wrapping process effortless. It offers high pallet load stability whilst it costs less than competitors’ hand stretch wrap for manual use in the market.

The hand fibre film has been ergonomically designed as to be stretched and unwinded easily. It also has much lower weight than conventional manual stretch film and the user can wrap a pallet quicker with less effort.

The Fiber Film (Manual) product family consists of three (3) main categories:

For High Demanding (HD) applications is equivalent to 23μm stretch film or thicker.

For General Purpose (GP) applications is equivalent to 18μm to 22μm stretch film.

For Light (L) applications is equivalent to 17μm or thinner stretch film.

Fiber Film Manual Product Selection per Load Weight & Pallet Type:

Key Advantages of Fiber Film Manual:

  • Less cost per pallet up to 40% - value for money

  • Excellent stabilization of the pallet load

  • Easy stretching - easy unwinding - easy finding of film edge

  • Damage-proof edges - tear resistant

  • Light roll – user-friendly

  • Less material used - less waste


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